Advances in socio-semantic network analysis: discussion panels

Posted by Adina Nerghes on Wednesday, July 3, 2019 Under: Ongoing work
In recent years, I have been a co-organizer for the organized session on Advances in socio-semantic network analysis at the Sunbelt conference. This session addresses an emerging framework, where semantic and social network data are being jointly appraise. Alongside presentations on work addressing  theoretical, methodological and empirical work at the nexus of social and semantic networks, this session also created a space for discussion (panels) on a number of theoretical and methodological challenges this framework poses. 

The discussion panels stimulated open discussion on relevant issues in socio-semantic network analysis and triggered engaging conversations on a number of topics. To summarize all of these engaging discussions and to keep the conversation going, I have created a Google Document (see also link below) containing information about the organized session, my co-organizers, the discussion topics, as well as a summary of the discussions. This document will be updated after each Sunbelt conference so please save this link or follow my blog for updates.

Link to the document: 

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